I work with pajamas. Ask me how to.

This week the magazine "PRODUCTO" published one interview made in April 14 to Ricardo Del Rio, who was talking about How To Work with Pajamas, happy and free.

The one page interview is focusing about how to get money when you are homeworker (pajamaworker) and how to use Pajamanation.com as useful tool for Live la Carta.


The Wallpaper...hey...where is the screen saver?

The press meeting ...

Tea or Coffe? Fruits? Water?

The Wall is ok...

Leonardo is the Marketing-Sales Guy

Compudell-The Sponsor giving the gift to contest winner

The Head of Tech University, The P&R women, The Actor, The Sponsor

With my Pajamas introducing Pajamanation

Talking to Journalists

My favorite space for homeworking

Where are my Business Cards honey?

The Pajamaworker´s Kitchen

The Pajamaworker´s home (2)

The Pajamaworker´s home


Happy Trabajo

Nada mejor que trabajar en Pijamas, libre, feliz y con miles de oportunidades de diversas partes del mundo, con Pajamanation.com